William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

Contact E-mail-- my3crows@hughes.net              


Recent Works as of    10/02/15

Standing Bear Vane Video

Standing Bear Weathervane

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 "Tree of Knowledge"


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                           Sign's and Gates and .............


               Grape Sign                           Casa de Flore                            Bouy Sign                             2 Fire screens                        Copper Sink

Grapes Shop 17.JPG (147024 bytes) Grapes Shop 7.JPG (153016 bytes)  CasaIronWork.jpg (152679 bytes) bouys4.jpg (145190 bytes) bouys3.jpg (119774 bytes) In Place Custom Copper Sink

Sea-Ray Steps             Kiln             Matt's Dive Ladder                Pastabilites                   Hardy Grape Sign     Tree of Knowledge

  Raku Kiln    Grape Sign Drawing  Tree at Shop

     Sticker sign                      Coffee Table                          Bairds                          Railing Pieces         Railings       Finished             Baird's                     Brass dial

 SignCrows99e.jpg (78228 bytes)   Baird Fireplace Railing twists  Finished raililg New Railing  Compass.jpg (44011 bytes)


          Grill                              Tripp"s Barge                                  Baird's Lighthouse                 Weathervane     Matt Roden esq.    Guild Lighthouse         Baird light

    Tripp's Barge  Barge       Weather Vane, Longrock Is.  Matt Roden in Shop   Lighthouse 

Matt's Pig Roaster     ABM Stands      Japanese Garden       Freedom Job       Thomas's Face       Will's Catch         Restored MG

Matt's Pig Roaster    ABM Stands   Japanese Garden   Freedom Job    Thomas's Face      Red MG