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Standing Bear Weathervane

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        River Things   Will Salisbury 1979, Will Salisbury who was that masked man.....1978

 The St. Lawrence River.......  1000 Islands.......Grindstone Is.

 Claudine & Crow        Sunday dock       Picton Channel          Picton Races            Picton again    

   Claudine_Crow254.JPG (62023 bytes)    Grindstone Island, Dock Party    1000 Islands, NY    Poker Run, Picton Channel, St. Lawrence River, The Thousand Islands      Picton Channel


         Stew cool              Stew Dog hunt            Dock Party          Inside our Dock          River Sunset            

    DockView7.jpg (48038 bytes)       Steve Theobald       River Rats       Grindstone Is. Marsh     RiverSunset, Ell Bay Sunset                         


Axeman Regatta          Hot Dog@ tiki        Our River View              Das Boot            Meredith Gould

 Axeman Is. Regata       The Hot Dog Shack, Fort Apache       View from the House.jpg (94675 bytes)      Beers Grindstone Is.    Meredith Gould


  The Maid of WORONOCO Is.                     Sue D. & Rat               Ray & Petie            Family at Tiki               Fitz

Roasted Tormey         Chris Tormey 96'         rat.jpg (59623 bytes)        rayman.jpg (48212 bytes)      Trish&Karen.jpg (170078 bytes)    


  Art Yehele in Omar   Mom & Me   Boat show 1987    Karen, Hoover& Me      In our Boat            Eve Johnson

    Art Yehle, Workshop.jpg (77039 bytes)   MomThompson.jpg (141874 bytes) Classic boat show 3    willkar2001.jpg (60966 bytes)      will&kar.jpg (20676 bytes)   


    Steel & copper          Homer & Kids              Dock Rats                  Karen/Autumn          Hoover & Omar        Young Rats

         homerkid.jpg (17171 bytes)           dockrats.jpg (32400 bytes)         aren and Autumn, Tiki Beach        Hoover and Omar  

Axeman Is.                    My Chimney                           OOP's              Will on the job            Gardner's Pt.            Stew

Axeman Regatta    MyChimney10000001.JPG (143353 bytes)   MyChimney20000001.JPG (137926 bytes)     walkaway.jpg (16478 bytes)     Will-onThejob.jpg (306676 bytes)    GrenellCottage2.jpg (96351 bytes)  

       Young Rats                                                              Up Dickson           Madison C.        Soggy Rat        More Rats        The Comander          

        DirtyDuck2E.jpg (170329 bytes)   

    The Missing        Rory at service          New Girl         Rats on the dock           Billy           Chris  Dave and Karen / Sue/Connie   and the buttheads


      G. Lago           Don & Grace             Art Yehle            Jim & Annie        JT an the Bitty         Jim  Murphy         Hooker / Cutty             Heidi

                        Mad Girl

      Clements              Painters                  Irvin's            Shelly & Rory       Granite Delivery       'T' and Will         Trisha & Gabe      Greg an Kaitlin


Happy Camper   Burt, Abbie an Spot        Venice         D .Mossiens view       Tiki Beach      Hookers Party1981   Darcie an Karen       Sue & Rat


TK on B. Castle      The Pilot                                    Tiki and Irvine's                                Hammock                 Beer thirty   Jays Wedding Hold


    Young Eve    Autumn/ Ethan 05      Mackenzie    Omar & Hoover      End of Summer

         Young Eve  Aytumn/ Ethan 05    Hoover and Omar 2013  Summer 2014


WW11, My Dad  is Anti-tank testing a non detectable mine                                      Trisha an' Jason


    1978            The Stone House Dreamer, on break and smiling at his mom


  Karen,  B.B. and D.D.

                                                                      "Bad Barb"

                                  Bab Barb, aka Six Pack


   Axeman Is. Regatta , Hosted by:  Sandy / 02'      www.sandybeachphoto.com







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