William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

Contact E-mail-- my3crows@hughes.net              


Recent Works as of    10/02/15

Standing Bear Vane Video

Standing Bear Weathervane

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" Breaching Muskie Monument" Commissioned By Muskie lovers. Installed 2014 in Frink Park, Clayton, NY 13624

                      Final Muskie,Frink Park    News Article   Video

'The Tree of Knowledge" commissioned By "Friends of the Hawn Library" was delivered this Autumn 2013' in Clayton, NY. 

 s        Ready for powder coat                              Installed "Tree"

                                                   Ceramics 07' to 11'

    "Japanese Screen"07', aka, "Lovers" Ceramic's & Steel, 24'x4'x8'

      Japanese Screen.JPG (630008 bytes) Japanese Screen2.JPG (527507 bytes) Japanese Screen3.JPG (534448 bytes) Japanese Screen4.JPG (573108 bytes) LoversHouse FishTree1.JPG (493697 bytes) 

         LoversFish4.JPG (476522 bytes) Japanese Figures unfired.jpg (192112 bytes)  Koi Fish in progress.jpg (239581 bytes) Koi Fish unfired2.jpg (155571 bytes) LoversFish2.JPG (498685 bytes)

                     This "Japanese Screen" was installed 9/14/07 


    Genocide" series, "Rawanda", 1/27/07.  " I'm not sure I can help

  anyone by making this image, its my take on some of the worst of

          HUMAN behavior.            One man's opinion"

 "Some south African Professors called me and purchased the publishing rights. They printed it in a genocide periodical.  I am a huge fan of theirs, the desperate times require greatness in humans.

 The beat goes on, the planet is a clamor of grief and greed. I live the sheltered life here, but am not immune to the anguish of my fellow man. Our greed no's no limit. These times are soon to be tallied and accounted for by planet earth, who plays no favorites."  14/16/14 W.L.S.

                                              RawandaRed2.jpg (366782 bytes)             rawanda9.jpg (514412 bytes)


   "River Sturgeon" was displayed at "Winged Bull Studio" the month of June, 06' in Clayton, NY. and then installed on an island path in a bed of tiger lilies!    

       "Sturgeon" Maximus &" Casa de Flor "

   CellPhone06 028.jpg (281777 bytes) CellPhone06 030.jpg (157848 bytes) CellPhone06 027.jpg (223600 bytes) CellPhone06 018.jpg (105571 bytes) SturgenInstalled.jpg (585645 bytes)


Nic. Series:  Started July 7/2002 with life drawings and works began in November 02'

Finished Series 4/07       I have been Working on commission's  during this period and recently installed a large Japanese Screen

Nic. ,              Nic. / Sold         Nic./             Nic.Sold           Nic. Sold                               

Female Figure, Female Form, Young Women, Art of the Female Form, The Female form in Art    NicoleSP1.jpg (30977 bytes)   Partial Figure study /Steel       Partial Figure Study/ Steel      Female Foreshortened View    


Nic. Show              Nic. Drawings                 Nic. Reclining     Nic. Stretching

Art Show - Nicole.JPG (107823 bytes)   nicd15.jpg (146132 bytes)    nicd12.jpg (132851 bytes)     Nicole Reclining.jpg (110020 bytes)    Nicole-3reclineing.jpg (251582 bytes)

  Silhouette  Series:   Started Autumn 2001' finished Summer 2002',Welded Steel.

Silhouette/Sold    Graces of Omar      Silhouettes 02'  ----- All Sold. Collected by the "Elizabeth Collection"

Silhouette.jpg (48650 bytes) Silhouette'ThreeGraces'.jpg (29228 bytes) Silhouettes.jpg (68025 bytes) angeldia.jpg (415820 bytes)    


    My new series is called  "Moon Walkers, The Last Dispatch." Update! Five done 25 to go......... oh boy

MoonwalkerC.JPG (126323 bytes)  MoonwalkerA.JPG (126301 bytes)  Moonwalker-A.JPG (121513 bytes)  Moonwalker-B.JPG (127170 bytes)  Moonwalkers 4&5 4 & 5