William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

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Standing Bear Weathervane

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 1983'-84'at Montoya's Bronze Foundry, West Palm Beach, Fla. "Willy,quick,quick,quick!"(Spanish accent required for translation)    http://www.montoyasculpture.com a good source of supply, but the foundry is no more.

        Will at, Montoyas Bronze Foundry.jpg (39990 bytes)         Many works have passed without a good photo regrettably.........                

  Crows 2000                  Graces of Omar                 Nicole's 2003              Will's big OOP's                 TopKnot                         Crow Bench

Crows Sculpture              3graces2.jpg (2268872 bytes)             Nicole-2backviews.jpg (301402 bytes)            John Deere Backhoe           TopKnot3                 


The Bartender           Lago/ N.Y. Gargoyle               Johnson's Suc...                 Tiki Beach                    Midland 1973                      Grape Sign 

Tim mixing drink.jpg (75933 bytes)            SOHO, SoHo              johns1.jpg (244041 bytes)            Grindstone Is. Beach              Midland 1973                 Grapes3


 Karen/Autumn              Hooker/Cutty                   The dock rats                     My Heroes                     The Cow guy                      Karen/ Fireplace

karautum.jpg (51789 bytes)           Hooker-Gert-Cutty03.jpg (69040 bytes)               River Rats             three dogs.jpg (60326 bytes)              The Cow                      Karen workin on Fireplace


My Father 1943'             Picton Channel                      WTC                          Grindstone 1979              Potters beach                 Last  Dock Burn

William R. Salisbury, Land Mines, Anti Tank Mines, Non Detectable Ceramic Anti tank Mines, Syracuse China            piccha2.jpg (68983 bytes)             WTC Tribute Lights.jpg (52292 bytes)                 1979 Will             Shelly an Rory                   Bon fire


Red MG 1973                 Our Chimney                  Japanese Garden                  Henry Moore                Lago portrait

1973 Red MG             Our Chimney           Lois Jean3              Wil & H. Moore                Lago inner side

   Haun Welding

Haun Welding