William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

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Standing Bear Weathervane

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             riverpic.jpg (315200 bytes)       Sculptural themes and interests


bulletFigurative Works - Realistic works in plaster, clay, steel and stone.  
bulletAbstract Figurative - Works in plaster, steel.
bulletCommissions - I love a good challenge!
bulletDrawings - Figurative to abstractions and designs.
bulletRiver Things - Anything to do with the St. Lawrence River, ( 1000 Islands ).
bulletSocial Commentary - Mostly Works From the 90's
bulletGeneral Works- Some of my best, and more
bulletRecent Works- Things I am currently working on, or have just finished......
bulletCarmen D'Avino   Animated Film Pioneer
bulletWritten work   Short story and book covers.....Got a minute?

Will on porch

                                   My Obsessions Are......

                  #1...........Going in search of the " Old Indian" as I have come to

speak of what I do when I go off arrowhead hunting.   I prowl around where few

people go on the river, often on the edges of marshes or gravel shorelines with my

canoe in tow, looking for signs of human junk.  I find our recent selves, stuff from

the French and Indian period and then I see the things of cultures still remembered

and cultures long ago lost.      ------    The Native Indian peoples who lived, hunted

or simply passed on through this area on their journeys, left an' open book of clues

for those who wish to view them.  I am often transported in my imagination into their

presence and love to envision them near by............

                                             Arrowhead Hunter, Arrowheads    Our Bay    Arrow Heads    Arrowheads 2    Arrowheads 3

                 #2.............I  golf to little these days. But I am still hooked! 35 years and

counting,  I'll play 18 holes with

anyone, anytime! well maybe 9.  Ready? Lets Go!

                                                                                    Clayton Country Club                                                        

                #3...............................Hanging out in the beautiful " 1000 Islands" area of the

St. Lawrence River. This is especially true in Autumn and Spring time when the crowds

have thinned out from the Summer surge of tourism.   We are lucky to have a

place on an island, in the middle of the river near Canadian waters. The Price of 

solitude.............. is TAXES.................


myhoney.jpg (31094 bytes)   will&karBoat001.jpg (20676 bytes)  Grindstone Island  autum otis.jpg (60188 bytes)  dockrats.jpg (32400 bytes)      Brett an' Heidie   Murph on 10/20   Our Fireplace


                  #4................MG sports cars or any Classic British sports car.  I acquired

my 3rd one for the Gargoyle sculpture.  It's a 1976 Midget, 1500 cc. Convertible, which

I recently sold. She ran like a champ and had room for my dogs, but not my wife Karen and

the dogs at the same time.  Tough break honey!   The 1st was a  1960 MGA 1600 cc. Roadster

with 15" wire wheels and "British Racing Green" paint with a 6" silver

racing stripe the full length of the car  on the drivers side. All original condition.

I got it for $400.00 and had it 2 1/2  years   (note the bedroll on the back).

What a car!.....                                                                       My 2nd was an 1972 MGB

which I traded for a 59' GMC pickup truck in the middle of winter when the snow

was 3' feet deep.  That truck is somewhere on Grindstone Is.

 My 4th and favorite so far is a black 1959 MGA Roadster that I traded for pieces of my


The 5th is a red 1973 MG that I bought on ebay and have fixed up (for Karen to drive! )

She didn't drive it, I sold it and bought a 1974 Jensen Healey / w the Lotus 907 twin cam. Cool ride.

So if you see a little Black or Yellow Bluuuurrr on some back road it might be me trying to empty

 the 7 gallon tank.............

1976 Midget     1958 MGA/Gone       59' MGA          Red 73'      59' at Glen Concours    74.5 Jensen Healey.                     

   MG.jpg (52669 bytes)  MGA  59' MGA.JPG (899469 bytes)  


                  #5.................   Our Dogs have the life, food, comfort, bones, the river, sticks,

and squirrels to chase.  Hoover ( RIP) the mother hunted minnows all day, and Omar the son

likes his frogs and snakes.  They both respect Kitty (RIP) and Newbie!      We love em'............

      Hoover's gone for her last boat ride..... 7/11/13 An Kitty followed soon after...

     omarHov4.jpg (120365 bytes)   willkar2001.jpg (60966 bytes)      Puppies    Hoover2   Hoover3   Brett an Omar   Broken Omar   The  Maid

Young Hoover   Hoover4    Katelin Puppies    Autumn Pups   The Puppies   Petey   Lady    Hoover at Studio    The old Guard  


and then there's my studio........in Omar, NY.             Omar Studio, "Tree of Knowledge" 9/27/13