William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

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Recent Works as of    10/02/15

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Standing Bear Weathervane

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   Nic/Foreshortened Sold            Nic/Side View View Sold               Nic Repose 04'                                      

                                    Reclineing Figure/ Steel                      Drawingon floor/w steel  

Nic Partial 03' Sold      Nic2  -                Nicole  6, sold                   Art Show         Captive SOLD       Figures in Omar    Moon  Poseing...     4 & 5 Done

 Partial Figure Study/ Steel       Partial Figure study /Steel                Art Show - Nicole.JPG (107823 bytes)       CaptiveLeftWithWS_0162.jpg (94578 bytes)           

Victim 92' Sold            Drowning/NFS                Thomas  Open Air Therapy NFS                              Moonwalker Pose /progress

  Victim, Plaster Mold, Life cast     Haitian Mother and Child, Bronze Casting              Thomas /Virgin Is. /Torch welded steel             Homeless Man /Torch welded Steel                   Moonwalkers 4-5

  Mother's Children     AM 93' Sold            AM 92' Sold        The Captive 91' Sold              Moon parts             Moonwalkers                                                      

         Life cast, live model          Life Casting      Monumental  Plaster Figure                                                                            

The Swimmer94' Sold           Ethiopian 2/73                 Ethiopian 3/73      Homer Dodge             Steel Series/ sold

       The Swimmer, Body Mold, Life Cast, Plaster Cast          Famine / Clay                Ethiopian Child, Famine Victim/ Clay       

Homer Dodge      Homer Dodge 2       Homer             Haitian & Child Sold              Mothers Children    Done

Homer Dodge, Dean of American Canoeing,Sailing Canoe /Plaster   Shooting The Rapids, Homer Dodge/Plaster    New Arrival.jpg (58324 bytes)Torch welded steel   Soapstone, Clay, Ethiopian Mother and Children    

  BC             "Lovers" Sold           G. Lago                  "Moonwalkers" 

BC501.jpg (43046 bytes)Life Drawings     LoversFish4.JPG (476522 bytes)       Moonwalker-B.JPG (127170 bytes)    Moonwalker-A.JPG (121513 bytes)

     "Ebrium"                     "Nebie"                         B.C 7               Serbian Cameo