William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

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Recent Works as of    10/02/15

Standing Bear Vane Video

Standing Bear Weathervane

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                Will 78  This is Will Salisbury's Web site.    A lot of sculpture     The three crows  

          and some of life !   Large Crows


                          THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT----------THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT----------THERE IS NO TIME---------           tick tick tick....

gargoyle,Ice Storm Nicole Series 03' Linda, Will and the Bearvane Galvinized and Powder coated Bear on the roof

Muskie Breaching2 Finished left side Muskie Muskie installed 4  Swan Bay Proposal


 an' excellent article about my works and life ! --- Click Here




                                                    Quick view Gallery

  St. Lawrence River Art,Copper and Steel SturgenInstalled.jpg (585645 bytes) Fabricated Railing New Railing Loon Weathervane finished

   nicd12.jpg (132851 bytes)Pencil Drawing Nicole4.jpg (98745 bytes) Rawanda Red 2.jpg (366782 bytes) Japanese Screen.JPG (630008 bytes)

   Baird Fireplace USBT Vane Margolis Finished Girl Chairs 3 Crows

    Two Chairs Moonwalkers and boards  Figurative Steel Silhouettes Painted Loon Vane

       Some of my works are now book covers! CLICK HERE          

NicPattial201.JPG (52230 bytes),Steel NicPartial401.JPG (54145 bytes),Steel  St. Thomas Abstract Figurative Drawings                


" Sculptures on their own make no impression, they are simply a cluster of atoms in the forest of cosmic dust.

                                                                      Blah, blah, blah.   (-;

    Then the thing happens that gives them  life. We acknowledge them by seeing, sensing, touching, discovering.

    We see a thing and it becomes a part of us, we hear a sound because it is in us.

    The crow's Caw Caw Caw (audio file) from afar, becomes something in us.

    A work of art, a song, dance, chant, birth, picture, anything we become aware of exists through awareness."

   15 Minutes of fame.   1997

  I'm happy to put my few works up for you to see, and I hope I have made a connection."

   "Artisan Works"  and the "Elizabeth Collection" of  Rochester, NY.  collected 35 Works in 2004.


         Starting in 2008 I began  working on a Ceramic series on the "War in Iraq",

 through the use of Old Sumerian images  over laid with text and pictures of current times

Pictures : of the series are in  Ceramics, the overlay of decals from USA Today, printed before

and after the War in Iraq will be the last step.......... 


Moonwalkers, are coming to a cinema near you.....04/18/15

      Moonwalkers helping 4 & 5 Done  4 & 5 Moonwalkers done

 "Astrolabe" installed 10/9/10

   Watch Video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6xCQBTdRrc

         "3 Crows in Field" -1997'-2001'  Steel  3 Crows in Field

          And of course the "Crow Princess"

                Omar Studio, 1999'   Omar, Sculpture Studio, Will Salisbury     

 Steel Bell Tower, Powder Coated  Bell Tower, 2003', Steel w/ Powder Coated Finish, & Ceramic Ball

 Contempory Abstract Figurative Angel Angel-  Figurative Abstraction / 2002' , Dial Gardens


Find me on: www.ModelMayhem.com  search;  Will Salisbury, Alexandria Bay.

 Also on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com

Please note my E-Mail address     my3crows@hughes.net 

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