William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

Contact E-mail-- my3crows@hughes.net              


Recent Works as of    10/02/15

Standing Bear Vane Video

Standing Bear Weathervane

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 "Tree of Knowledge"


Installed "Tree"

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   New....The " Standing Bear Weather Vane" for Comfort Is. Summer of 2015

Standing Bear Vane

 "Muskie Breaching" Commissioned in 2014 by the people of Clayton, NY and Muskie lovers. It has been installed in Frink Park.

Muskie Breaching  Muskie rt. side  Muskie left side Muskie4 ( installation Video )

 The " Tree of Knowledge " For the Hawn Memorial Library, Clayton, NY. 11/30/13

Commissioned by: Friends of the Hawn Library. 

Tree of Knowledge   Ready for powder coat ( installation  Video )       We had a great time with this, the Village, the Friend's of the Hawn, all the donation's and my crew were the best.       I'm proud of this work, I hope you get to see it !      Go read an E-Book or turn some pages will ya.....

 Click here for Article :  

          Light House for a Grindstoner....... 

          Installed light

     "Astrolabe" 87''x39'' 2010


                        Fire Place screens


Japanese Screen "Lovers", Installed summer 07'

LoversFish4.JPG (476522 bytes)    lovers08.jpg (604696 bytes)    LoversFish2.JPG (498685 bytes)    Lovers08a.JPG (587742 bytes)    Lovers08b.JPG (579683 bytes)

LoversGlaze.JPG (551496 bytes)     LoversUnfired.jpg (197629 bytes)     LoversFish3.JPG (466853 bytes)

       Sturgeon  Sculpture, ready for powder coating. 2/23/06, finished

and shown at Winged Bull Studio, Clayton N.Y. Prior to installation at an island home 4/24/06

Feb2006 028.jpg (154028 bytes)       Feb2006 030.jpg (141820 bytes)      Feb2006 029.jpg (123908 bytes)       Feb2006 031.jpg (124588 bytes)   

      LagoSturgeon1.JPG (189779 bytes)     LagoSturgeon2.JPG (164738 bytes)     Finished Fish     SturgenInstalled.jpg (585645 bytes)

   "Bouys"     The Bar Sign                     Moose                            Serving Table

bouys3.jpg (119774 bytes)     bouys4.jpg (145190 bytes)           


    "Belltower" 03'                                     Abs. Angel 02'                                      Woronoco Is.00'                  

             Anglic Form   angel7.jpg (616945 bytes)   angeldia.jpg (415820 bytes)         Copper Gargoyle, Gargoyle, Humanoid   


                    Lighthouse98'                         "Topknot"          "TopKnot"            Omar Studio 02'             Hiawatha Repaired         

    Thomas Point Shoals, Thomas Point Lighthouse,Scale Model      Copper Gargoyle.jpg (34156 bytes)    Gargoyle on Roof, Copper Sculpture    Fiberglass Angel          Hiawatha Repairs                                                    


Homer Dodge        Homer Dodge2             "Lago"  portrait - 03'         Pastabilites Rest.

Canoeing, Sailing canoe          Shooting the Rapids           Lagos01.JPG (24688 bytes)          SteelGates10000001.JPG (147745 bytes)


Grapevine Sign                    Nicole                      Smok & Clubs             Bronze Compass

Grape Sign 2.JPG (154190 bytes)            Nicole4.jpg (98745 bytes)               Paul Bunyun, Golf Clubs               Compass001.jpg (33351 bytes)       


           Link's Crow 02'                                             More.. "Tree of Knowledge"

Crow.jpg (24697 bytes)       Small Crow                    

   Railings 2014                Collins Landing                                            Wellesley Is.

                         Railings2   Railings3