William Lawrence Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syracuse, NY                           

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Will Salisbury


    Born, October 9, 1949 in Syracuse, NY. I started work as a sculptor in 1964 carving images of Ethiopian famine refugees in my family's cellar using plaster pillars. National Geographic and Time issue's shocked and inspired me.

    In 1970 I was living in Big Sur, Califorina, where I began carving in Utah sandstone, Kanab stone and  regional soapstone. I traveled alot then and showed in various Gallery's. In 1972 I spent three months studying in and around Florence, Italy and attended Henry Moore’s lifetime retrospective while there.

     I have become fluent in many sculptural mediums over the last 50 years including clay; Ceramics; plaster; wood; wax; bronze; stone; steels; Alumiunm; copper; resins and epoxies. I was the bronze finisher in the foundry at "Montoya Art Studios" in West Palm Beach, FL and was also the shop foreman for "Nile Design" in Palm Beach, FL. 

    There have been many studios over the years, many throughout the Thousand Islands area of the St. Lawrence River in northern New York, and in 1991 I built the my largest in Omar, NY.  This is now the site of  'Omar Welding" an all service welding shop. All things coexist....

    Many of my works are plaster piece molded for bronze "lost wax" productions, employing life casts as tools for expressing realist emotions. Also Ceramics have joined my works and commissions.

     Works range in style from figurative abstraction to figurative realism with a strong dose of social commentary delivered in satire. Lately I've explored imagery of the female form in silhouette abstraction in larger than life scale.  This series originated from drawings of the figurative abstract angel commission which was featured in the NY Times.  My figure drawings of models are being used for the next phase of works to explore this imagery to its' fullest. using welded steel as the medium.

    I have received several commissions including grants from the Antique Boat Museum and the Homer Dodge Foundation.  Among my commissions are gargoyles; angels; crows; lighthouses; signs; furniture; Railings, large outdoor Japanese screens, Trees, Fish and more.

     A new sculpture project depicting images of " the end times" ( not in the religous sense) has begun and will last till my end.

    I have shown works previously in SoHo, NY,  but have gained regional fame for creating the "3 Crows" on Route 81 in Jefferson County, NY. 13624.  Many works have been collected by the "Elizabeth Collection" in Rochester.

 Our previous commission was the 'Tree of Knowledge" for the Hawn Memorial Library in Clayton. Installed on 11/3/13.

 Newist is a large "Breaching Muskie" sculpture for Frink Park Installed 11/2014. Commissioned by the People of Clayton. 

    I am currently working on and seeking commissions and may be reached by email at  my3crows@hughes.net 

                                               Wil and Crows



Currently represented by Ward-Nasse Gallery ~ 178 Prince St.. Soho NY, NY